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"It's not about uploading every photo you've ever taken. It's about selecting the best of the best you've ever taken and sharing with the world. To represent what you can do and the elements of your life that photography fulfils"

Andrew Davis, Creator, Just Ask Photos

Just Ask Photos is a bespoke online platform created to connect professional and amateur photographers and share their talent with the world. Pros can deliver worldwide photography services, increase enquiries and bookings by region and exhibit their expertise in their featured genres and photographers of all levels can increase each others individual exposure.

The Just Ask Photos concept is ideal for the global tourist markets which is why we have a bespoke Tourism option built into the project. The very nature of tourism - unique sights and good footfall - provides the most cost-effective marketing stragedy for the project, brand and individual photographers - organically via social media. Of course, not every photographer has the benefit of being based right next door to a visitor attraction so it is optional. For those that are, it is actively encouraged and priority is given to applications of those that wish to opt in.

Either way, we cater for two distinct photographer groups - The Just Ask Photos Photographer and Just Ask Photos Featured Photographer. The former being for amateur / student photographers and the latter being for experienced freelance photographers that offer photography services.

JAP Photographer
Ideal for student, amateur and 'just-for-fun' photographers who wish to show their work with the option to sell it

We enable you...

Renumeration (Optional and subject to being aged 18+)

JAP Featured Photographer
Ideal for experienced and pro freelance photographers that take bookings as well as showcase and sell their work

We provide you with a Profile built around online search and getting you found with a view to enhancing your business and increasing its profile and income. Just Ask Photos helps:


JAP Tourism
On option open to any JAP Photographer and Featured Photographer

Represent, advocate and share with the world a city, sight, or attraction local to you by participating in the JAP Tourism* element of Just Ask Photos. You decide whether you do it for the love, the money or the combination of both!

Make yourself available at days and times that suit you to take impromptu quality tourist photos at local public attractions and hotspots. The key to the concept is volume and uploading unedited photos swiftly (ie by the end of the same day of taking them) to the Just Ask Photos platform for viewing, sharing and, optionally, purchase (via download). The objective of this service is to provide a quickly-taken quality photo that utilies your skills in providing a lasting memory that is far beyond the standard of the average tourist 'selfie'. You have the benefit of your talent, your equipment and the added knowledge of your local area in order to provide a superior shot. Your personality is also on that list - the ability to interact and delight your tourists!

Feature Benefits


Your choice from the following:

Additionally, you will receive commission for any booking made with a Just Ask Photos Pro photographer via an enquiry that originated from a user browsing your Just Ask Photos profile, gallery or viewed photo.

*Important note

Photographers that apply and are in key tourism-linked cities or visitor locations will be prioritised by their willingness to opt in to the JAP Tourist element of Just Ask Photos and will be prioritised as such in the recruitment process.

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